Modular In-Plant Offices

Long Term Space Solutions

Use the space you have and optimize.

Pre-engineered modular construction is flexible enough to satisfy any in-plant building requirement. Space Concepts provides value–added solutions that define your space needs. Our modular construction allows you to get most out of your space and save you money. We feature non progressive construction with interchangeable wall, door and window panels that allow you to makes changes quickly without disturbing adjacent panels or the ceiling.

  • Modular In-Plant Offices
  • Modular In-Plant Sound Control Rooms
  • Modular In-Plant Climate Control Rooms
  • Modular In-Plant Equipment Enclosures
  • Modular In-Plant Control Rooms
  • Modular In-Plant Clean Rooms
    • Class 100 to Class 100,000
  • Modular In-Plant CMM Enclosures
  • Modular In-Plant Break Rooms
  • Modular In-Plant Computer and Engineering Labs
  • Modular In-Plant Partitions – Freestanding
  • Modular In-Plant Demising Walls – up to 40 feet tall
  • Multi-Level Modular In-Plant Building systems

Fast, simple and a better value.

In most circumstances and 12 x 16 office and be assembled in less than a day, compared to standard construction which may take several weeks.

Modular buildings are an asset that can be taken with you if you move to a new location, and you can also expand on them rather than completely rebuild. Our innovative modular in-plant buildings only use the highest quality materials and are turnkey solutions for a business like yours.

Looking to maximize your current space?

No job is too small or too big.

Consider some of the benefits our modular building components have to offer as an alternative to conventional construction.

  • Much cleaner and faster to install than conventional construction. All of the components are pre-cut and pre-finished which means no sanding or painting required at the job site.
  • Our modular building components are made to be reconfigured or added on to when it is time to expand or change which will lead to savings for you in the future.

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