Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

Mechanical Lifting Solutions

Custom designed to meet your exact application.

Our vertical lifts and not only engineered to suit your specific needs but are built custom to order. We offer a huge line of Vertical Lifting solutions, which range from mezzanine, through-floor, inside and outside products. From Mechanical to hydraulic to automated turnkey systems to special vertical lift applications – we specialize in problem solving and creating the best solution built to custom for your demand.

Our lifts transport materials of all shapes, size and weights between two or more levels. We’ve designed lifts to move everything from spark plugs and medical supplies to 110 lb. fuel cells. We offer the most complete line of vertical lifts available on the market today – from mechanical and hydraulic vertical lifts to high-speed, high-throughput lifts (employing Variable Frequency Drive).

Custom Vertical Lifting

Engineered to transport large or heavy loads between two or more levels.

From moving 10 lbs. to 200,000 lbs. Space Concepts can help create the custom vertical lifting solution to fit your application. Our engineers and designers are all code approved and deliver the best support and service. We not only address every detail of every job, but we analyze your need and cover all your design and construction concerns.

Our Vertical Lifting Systems range from carriages from 30 x 30 inches to 60 x 60 feet and vertical heights from 4 feet to over 200 feet – which allows you the flexibility for your vertical lifting problems. This translates to fast design and engineering approval, quicker building times and diversity in solutions.

From simple two-level lifts to multi-level, multi-directional automated lifting systems; we are the leaders in Arizona.

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